When is Earth Day 2012

The quick answer is Sunday April 22, 2012, when we are supposed to be celebrating our planet. Originally, Senator Gaylord put together this holiday in 1970, when everyone was supposed to celebrate, learn and teach others about our planet. Encouraging our population about the environment and how we can live an eco-aware life. He also wanted to raise awareness about the growing problems our environment was going to encounter over the years. So, every year we set aside one day to come together and talk, teach and learn about our environment and the problems we face.

When is Earth Day 2012

This year I would like to see if we can live every day like its earth day. It won’t be easy every day. Some days you will want to take the long luxurious bubble bath or that 15 minute hot shower, but we need to start conserving our resources now, today! Putting this off any longer helps our decision makers come up with bizarre solutions.

For example, we need another option to oil as an energy source, instead of looking for something a bit safer for our environment; our decision makers think fracking is a good choice as another energy source. Pumping out shale gas instead of looking for an alternative is their solution. The problems with this choice are huge, chemicals in the water supply and possible earthquakes in the area of the fracking site. Not to mention the toxic waste that humans are exposed to. How long before the workers get sick? I have already seen articles about people loosing animals to toxic runoff and people with rashes and sore throats. When will our leaders stop putting us from the frying pan into the fire?

So I challenge us, can we live everyday like its earth day? Can we consume fewer products? Can we make due with a one year old phone instead of trading up immediately when the new one comes on the market? Is it possible to be just as happy with less?

Okay let’s look at the benefits. The first major benefits that come to mind are less stuff, more money in your pocket. More money so you can retire earlier, take the grandkids on a fun day trip, more money to help people you want to help, not just put things in a house or on your body.  The next benefit of being conscience of what resources you are using is smaller bills, again saving you money. Now I have focused on money here because the quality of your life and others can be based on whether or not you have the money for a roof over your head, a car to get you places and food on the table. So more money helps you achieve those things.

Money isn’t the only reason to keep earth day in your mind, time is. How much time do you use up cleaning things in your home? How much time do you spend buying things or putting away things to keep your home less cluttered? If you had more time what would you do? Who would you visit or what book would you read? Would you invest in a different career? Go back to school and learn something different.

Stress is the last thing I’ll talk about, stress is a leading killer of people, yet we continue stress ourselves out working for the next big thing. What is the next technology for the cell phone or computer, not to mention flat screen TVs or DVD players.  If you had less stress in your life, what would you do, not eat the donut; take a walk with your son or daughter. Talk about the next experience you want to have with them. Decide to invest in yourself for the next 20 years. Get you in shape or helps someone else get in shape.
I know I can do each of these, can I do them consistently maybe; some days will be harder than others. I challenge all of us, do it this year, get a calendar write down what you do on a daily basis, and share it with a friend. Help someone else be good to themselves and our planet.

Earth day is Sunday April 22, 2012.

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