Our eyes have been riveted to the television, mesmerized by the smoke and steam released from nuclear power plants in Japan. Can that happen here, under similar circumstances? What do we worry about? Food, shelter, water or nothing? Here I am talking about learning and teaching ecofriendly lifestyles when our energy has severly hazardous waste problems.

irradiated food

This problem isn’t limited to nuclear power, burning towers of oil create hazardous health conditions for humans and our planet.  Maybe this is good. No, not the death and destruction that is absolutly insane, but the awareness that an accident brings. Most of us don’t wake up until the problems are closer to home.

So, what does going green mean in a nuclear society? We have power from nuclear plants, bombs created out of nuclear materials, tests and machines that utilize nuclear radiologic elements. How did we get here? So far away from natural elements? Partly, because our society grew and used modern technology, once we experienced the the ease of having oil delivered instead of shoveling coal into a furnace in the basement, we liked it, we really did. No more coal shovels, no more layers of dust in the living room, a constant heat temperature in the house and at our office. We weren’t looking back, what else could we do with oil? Today it’s in everything from vitamins you swallow to clothing you wear. Maybe we got a bit carried away. It’s time to look to next level.

Where do we go from here? Invention’s, think tank’s that’s where. Where are the bright young people who looked at steam and smoke this last week? Take a look at a nuclear map of the United States you cannot get far without hitting a nuclear power plant ring. What if we got rid of just half? Created an alternate energy source that does not use petroluem or nuclear elements. This source should use elements that are abundant and create  minimum waste, naturally we need engineers to look into new machines that can utilize this new energy. Architects then can create homes and offices with these new energyy sources already in place. Slowly we can switch to a cleaner energy source.

Folks, it’s time for a game changer. Trying to recycle plastic bags and hang clothes on the line to save energy isn’t going to do anything if we continue to have natural disasters intensified by human technology along this magnitude. Eventually drinking water will be polluted and our food will be polluted or we will have to go to great lengths to unpollute it.  Those two elements nourish our bodies, if they are contaminated the rest really doesn’t matter. As a species we have a problem that needs attention.

Now I’m a believer in technology, I’m writing about this subject on a computer. That doesn’t dismiss the issues we have with technology. It can be fixed if we put our minds to it. Hey, that’s how we got here.

Today in a nuclear world going green means being able to discover new technology and then be open to change while continuing to right the mistakes we have made with technology in the last century.

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