Green guide TipsIf you own a Vitamix juicer and want to add accessories to your Vitamx 5200, take a look at this page. Vitamix has a selection of additional pieces to enhance the convienent quality of this powerful machine.


Drinking smoothies full of live vegetables and fruits is a healthy way to pump up your nutrition. Getting up to three times more nutrition in your drinks may help prevent disease. Who wouldn't want to save time in the kitchen and help your health? I know I do!

When I am organised and have a plan I even save money on groceries.  I also get to help the environment by creating less waste I use all the peels and seeds from my fruits and vegetables. Going green has never been easier. Finding Vitamix accessories makes my job easier, I have the right stuff! 


Do you want to make your lunch in the morning with your Vitamix blender and then carry it to work in a Vitamix smoothie cup. There are so many ways to create healthy lunches with your Vitamix machine. Now more then ever this company, (by the way, Vitamix is made and owned by Americans), has come up with Vitamix machine accessories. Making healthy even easier .

Do you need to replace your Vitamix tamper or would you like to purchase the Vitamix glass container? Do you want a second blade to switch out when you are creating more complex recipes? You can do both here.


***On a personal note*** I have been using Vitamix for quite awhile now and I love this machine! I have a Kitchenaid mixer and food processor and an Oster blender. I don't use the food processor anymore and I removed my old Oster blender off the counter. Two out of three machines are obsolete. If you have a kitchen with limited space this is the machine for you. If you are a healthy eater or want to be a healthy eater, take advantage of the 30 day free trial. If you have any question about this machine you can email me at or click any of the above links to get a representative from Vitamix.

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