Public Gardens Day

May 11th is National Public Gardens Day. From more information check this out.

June 2, 2012 is National Trails Day

National Trails Day Celebrates the Nations Hiking trail system. Check this out for more information.

green guide tips Americans are waking up to the suggestion of living a green lifestyle. Transitioning from a typical American lifestyle to an eco friendly lifestyle has challenges. We may not be sure how to go about looking for the green in our life. One of the easiest ways to start is by looking at tips for going green, small pieces of information when combined together make an impact.  I’ll get you started with these:

1. Kitchen Compost: A wonderful enlightened way to use kitchen scraps. You can put them directly in your garden or flower beds. It’s cheap, gives great nutrition to your plants and it’s green! Be careful not to mix animal scraps or oils in your compost, use vegetable peels, fruits, bread, egg shells, coffee grinds etc. You might want to invest in a small metal pail thats easily closes.

2. Air Dry Clothing:  I know we have all heard about clothes lines. Many still believe it’s more trouble then it’s worth. It’s not. You are multi saving with this one. Your energy cost drops, you get longer wear out of your clothes along with a bit of extra exercise plus your clothing smells great. If you do not like the crispness of your clothing pop it in the dryer for 5 -10 minutes and soften them a little.

3. Buy Local Food:  This point is important. You cut down on transportation cost as well as reduce the spray of preservatives on the fruits and vegetables. You keep your local farms in business which is a benefit for your community. Local is cheaper, that is great for your wallet.  Check out my list of local farmers markets.

4. Activism: This green tip takes a bit of thought and planning. What bothers you when you think of green living?  What would you like to change? There are so many organizations that will gladly accept 2 or 3 hours of volunteering monthly. Get your feet wet you will meet all kinds of like minded people. You will become enlightened to how people live a green lifestyle and guess what? They are all different! Green living is not a one size fits all. This is a great source of tips for going green.

I am going to stick with these four tips. If you can get any one of these green tips down you will be well on your way to living a sustainable life. Once you start seeing the benefits you naturally reach for the next idea. Please, be kind to yourself, don’t worry if you fall of the wagon occasionally, it takes time to set a habit.

Our eyes have been riveted to the television, mesmerized by the smoke and steam released from nuclear power plants in Japan. Can that happen here, under similar circumstances? What do we worry about? Food, shelter, water or nothing? Here I am talking about learning and teaching ecofriendly lifestyles when our energy has severly hazardous waste problems.

irradiated food

This problem isn’t limited to nuclear power, burning towers of oil create hazardous health conditions for humans and our planet.  Maybe this is good. No, not the death and destruction that is absolutly insane, but the awareness that an accident brings. Most of us don’t wake up until the problems are closer to home.

So, what does going green mean in a nuclear society? We have power from nuclear plants, bombs created out of nuclear materials, tests and machines that utilize nuclear radiologic elements. How did we get here? So far away from natural elements? Partly, because our society grew and used modern technology, once we experienced the the ease of having oil delivered instead of shoveling coal into a furnace in the basement, we liked it, we really did. No more coal shovels, no more layers of dust in the living room, a constant heat temperature in the house and at our office. We weren’t looking back, what else could we do with oil? Today it’s in everything from vitamins you swallow to clothing you wear. Maybe we got a bit carried away. It’s time to look to next level.

Where do we go from here? Invention’s, think tank’s that’s where. Where are the bright young people who looked at steam and smoke this last week? Take a look at a nuclear map of the United States you cannot get far without hitting a nuclear power plant ring. What if we got rid of just half? Created an alternate energy source that does not use petroluem or nuclear elements. This source should use elements that are abundant and create  minimum waste, naturally we need engineers to look into new machines that can utilize this new energy. Architects then can create homes and offices with these new energyy sources already in place. Slowly we can switch to a cleaner energy source.

Folks, it’s time for a game changer. Trying to recycle plastic bags and hang clothes on the line to save energy isn’t going to do anything if we continue to have natural disasters intensified by human technology along this magnitude. Eventually drinking water will be polluted and our food will be polluted or we will have to go to great lengths to unpollute it.  Those two elements nourish our bodies, if they are contaminated the rest really doesn’t matter. As a species we have a problem that needs attention.

Now I’m a believer in technology, I’m writing about this subject on a computer. That doesn’t dismiss the issues we have with technology. It can be fixed if we put our minds to it. Hey, that’s how we got here.

Today in a nuclear world going green means being able to discover new technology and then be open to change while continuing to right the mistakes we have made with technology in the last century.

7 Natural Ways to Treat Household Mold

Spring is coming. Cleaning is on everyone’s mind, it’s time to get rid of the winter yuck! Ditch those toxic cleaning products and switch to natural cleaning products.  Have you ever read the back label of commercial products? I can’t even pronounce half of the words,This article is going to concentrate on killing mold. In the spring we discover all of the areas that get wet or damp during the winter. Unfortunately, dampness is the perfect breeding ground for mold. Yes, there are commercial mold removal products but again read the back label. How long do you have to be out of the house? Do you have to dress up in a white space suit just to get rid of 4 square feet of mold? Let’s take a look at the natural products that clean mold.

1. Borax verse Mold

Borax is a winner! Borax is a natural cleaning product, it does not give off toxic fumes when used, although Borax can be toxic if swallowed. Keep this product away from pets and children.  Borax can be found in your local grocery store. It’s a  mineral composed of sodium, boron, oxygen and water. Borax has been on the modern market as a household cleaner for at least 100 years. To kill mold with Borax you can follow these steps:

  • How to Kill Mold with Borax
  • Mix up a Borax water solution – 1cup Borax to one gallon of water. 
  • Spray dry mold with Borax solution – scrub mold with brush.
  • Wipe off excess cleaner and debris.
  • You don’t need to rinse off Borax -  it may help retard future mold growth.
  • Leave surface to completely dry -you can set up fan to vent outside and help the area dry faster.

2. Vinegar verse Mold
Vinegar is a winner! Heinz company states that vinegar kills 82% of mold species. However, they can’t advertise that because its not registered as an antifungal with the EPA. Vinegar is non-toxic and doesn’t require protective gear to use as a household cleaner. To clean household mold you can follow these easy steps:

  • How to kill mold with Vinegar
  • Purchase the cheapest white vinegar you can find.
  • Pour vinegar into a spray bottle - do not  water it down – You can drop a few drops of essential oils in bottle to mask odor - Label with marker
  • Spray  vinegar onto moldy areas
  • Wipe clean the area with water and allow the surface to air dry.
  • Smell from vinegar should clear within a few hours.

To retard mold growth anywhere, just spray vinegar on surface and leave. Repeat with usual cleaning routine to see continued results.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide verse Mold 
Hydrogen Peroxide is a winner! Hydrogen peroxide is in the bleach family, only it’s safe to use and won’t hurt the environment. You can buy hydrogen peroxide 3% from most stores. Hydrogen peroxide kills mold but you need to be careful around fabrics. It is a bleach so it may discolor your fabrics. Follow these steps for mold removal:

  •  Killing Mold with Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Fill a dark colored spray bottle with 3% peroxide – Label with marker.
  • Spray and completely wet area covered in mold.
  • Let surface sit for at least 10 minutes.
  • Scrub with brush.
  • Rinse and let air dry.

4. Baking Soda verse Mold
Baking Soda is a winner! Baking soda has been used for over 150 years as a safe household cleaner. You can use baking soda to kill mold. Let’s follow these steps for mold removal with baking soda:

  • Killing mold with Baking Soda 
  • Mix one tablespoon of baking soda to a spray bottle of water – add essential oils for a scent – label with marker.
  • Shake bottle to dissolve the baking soda.
  • Spray molded area with mixture.
  • Scrub with brush to treat and remove mold.
  • Rinse with water
  • Spray area with mixture and let air dry. This will retard future mold growth.

5. Tea Tree Oil verse Mold

Tea Tree oil is a winner! Tea tree oil is a natural mold remover. I use this to clean my bathroom.  It is expensive, but you only need a small amount for killing mold. Tea tree oil is an essential oil. Tea tree oil has a reputation for killing large varieties of mold. You can buy tea tree oil from most health or natural stores. I have seen it in drug stores as well as online. Follow these steps for successful household mold removal:

  • Killing mold with Tea Tree oil
  • Add 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil per one cup of water to a spray bottle – Label with marker.
  • Spray mixture on molded surface
  • Let sit for at least 10 minutes give a quick scrub and you can rinse or wipe off.
  • You can respray with mixture to retard future mold growth – this can be part of your weekly cleaning routine.

Tea tree oil has a strong odor but it will go away after an hour or so. I usually lift a window a crack. Tea tree oil cleaner keeps well, so label and keep in with cleaning supplies.

6. Soap or Detergent

Mixing detergent or soap and warm water will clean mold off of non-porous surface. Detergent alone doesn’t kill mold.  When mold is on non-porous material the solution doesn’t need to kill mold you are cleaning the surface area and washing away the mold. 

7. Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit seed extract is a winner! Grapefruit seed extract has similar properties to tea tree oil. One advantage grapefruit seed extract has is that it has no leftover scent. It is an expensive natural mold killer very much like tea tree oil. You can buy grape fruit seed extract from most drug stores and health food stores. Like tea tree oil, a small amount of grapefruit seed extract goes a long way in killing mold. You can follow these steps for household mold remediation

  • Killing mold with grapefruit seed extract
  • Mix together in a spray bottle one cup of water to 10 drops of extract – shake- Label with marker
  • Spray directly on the molded area
  • Let sit for at least 10 minutes then you can wipe off
  • You can spray again and let air dry – this will help prevent future mold growth

You can keep this cleaner with your supplies as grapefruit extract has a long shelf life.

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By Kathy Bampfield

Do you shake your head when you hear people say it's so easy to live a green lifestyle? What is a green lifestyle? Green living has become a topic of extreme interest.

easy ways to go green

Personal opinions given to anyone who will listen. Heated discussions over someone's personal choice. What are they all talking about? Green living is about noticing your natural surroundings and trying to have as little impact on them as possible.

That being said, now begs the question what are some easy ways to go green? Easy ways to going green come in all different shapes and sizes. This is not a one size fits all.

Let us start with utilities. Some say that is the easiest place to start. Cut back on your heat by lowering your house thermostat just one degree. Lower your hot water heater by adjusting the temperature to 120 degrees and wrap your heater in a hot water blanket helping to save energy.

Hang up clothes instead of using a dryer. Save water by shutting it off when you brush your teeth.

Make sure the dishwasher and washing machine have full loads before you run them.

Collect rainwater to use in your garden and flower beds.

Save money by buying food in bulk or at local farmers market. You will cut down on transportation costs.

You can think up some of your own ideas that are specific to your families needs.

Riding a bicycle to do local errands.

Creating a garden to save on fresh vegetables in the summer. Joining a food co-op.

If you need to do some redecorating use eco-friendly products such as paint and caulking. Most Home Depots carry an eco-friendly line of home improvement items.

When you purchase new items for your home you can look into energy star products.

Many furniture companies also sell sustainable furniture lines, meaning low voc paint or varnish. Also, the wood is harvested in an eco- friendly manner.

Your kitchen always can address green living ideas. Pots and pans can be cast iron or stainless. Get rid of Teflon, it's been suggested that Teflon flakes off after a certain amount of use, therefore you are eating the Teflon.

Cuisanart does have a green living line. Purchasing organic food and non BPA plastic ware is a positive step towards greening up. Both are easy to find.

The last idea is to look into which personal products you are using. How about other hair products, dental products etc…that can be more eco-friendly or made in the USA, keeping the transportation costs low. It's been widely accepted that using natural products is a healthier alternative.

These are a few easy ways to go green. As you start looking into eco-friendly products you will find more and more ideas that you like and want to implement in your home or lifestyle. Kathy Bampfield is editor of Green Guide Tips. A community website dedicated to helping people live a greener lifestyle one small step at a time….

Article Source: This is a little video we put together for our newly created Social Network website devoted to everything “Green.” These are just a few quick tips, but if you’re looking for more information on going Green or if you’re looking to spread some of your own valuable information, then join us at Stop by and… Read Environmental News Post Blogs Chat With Other Members Get Green Tips Start Discussions Create Your Own Profile Post Comments Meet Other “Green” Members Post Videos Add Photos Listen To Podcasts And More!! We’re looking to build a highly interactive and vocal community at GoGreenPals. We like to hear what our members are up to so feel free to add personalized videos, songs, blogs, threads, photos, etc to the website. We’ll see you there!

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I need some going green newpaper articles , but i can’t find any

Is there any sites where i can find them talking about the enviroment and stuff ??

pls and thnx =]

What are some websites that I can go to that show how to go to green living.

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