Go Green

Go Green

Go green is a term that many people are beginning to pick up on over the recent years and many companies alike are beginning to use. Indeed, the term itself seems to have been commercialized, but to go green is more about a lifestyle than it is a commercialized selling point.

In simple terms, going green is about becoming more environmentally oriented. With global warming becoming a reality of the 21st century and natural resources being depleted more and more everyday, global warming has become more than just the right thing to do, it has become somewhat of a moral obligation.

What this article will attempt to accomplish, is to give the everyday reader some ideas on how to go green themselves.

One of the biggest contributions that can be made to go green is the effort to recycle. Recycling bottles, cans and paper contributes a lot to renewable energy sources. It costs much less in terms of energy conservation, to create a new product from recycled material than it does to create that same product from new materials.

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Secondly, turn off the lights. Although this may seem like a silly way to "go green", you would be surprised at how much energy you can save the Earth by simply cutting your lights off when you are away for extended periods of time.

Switch from using Incandescent lights to using Compact fluorescent lamps. These lights generally only use 20-30% of the energy required by incandescent lights to create the same amount of light. So not only will you end up saving the environment, but you will also end up saving some money by making the switch.

One million tons of bottles go into landfills each year, so by refilling your water bottles with tap water instead of buying more bottled water, you save the environment from a lot of pollution.

Reduce the amount of meat you consume. This may sound like another silly one, it probably is one the biggest things that we as individuals can do to reduce global pollution. Why is that? Because methane gas that is produced from the large amount of feces dropped by cows is the main contributor to global warming.

In fact, methane gas is ten times more powerful in terms of deteriorating our ozone layer than the carbon monoxide gas in car exhaust fumes.

So when you are wondering how to go green you can follow these couple of tips.


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