green guide tips Americans are waking up to the suggestion of living a green lifestyle. Transitioning from a typical American lifestyle to an eco friendly lifestyle has challenges. We may not be sure how to go about looking for the green in our life. One of the easiest ways to start is by looking at tips for going green, small pieces of information when combined together make an impact.  I’ll get you started with these:

1. Kitchen Compost: A wonderful enlightened way to use kitchen scraps. You can put them directly in your garden or flower beds. It’s cheap, gives great nutrition to your plants and it’s green! Be careful not to mix animal scraps or oils in your compost, use vegetable peels, fruits, bread, egg shells, coffee grinds etc. You might want to invest in a small metal pail thats easily closes.

2. Air Dry Clothing:  I know we have all heard about clothes lines. Many still believe it’s more trouble then it’s worth. It’s not. You are multi saving with this one. Your energy cost drops, you get longer wear out of your clothes along with a bit of extra exercise plus your clothing smells great. If you do not like the crispness of your clothing pop it in the dryer for 5 -10 minutes and soften them a little.

3. Buy Local Food:  This point is important. You cut down on transportation cost as well as reduce the spray of preservatives on the fruits and vegetables. You keep your local farms in business which is a benefit for your community. Local is cheaper, that is great for your wallet.  Check out my list of local farmers markets.

4. Activism: This green tip takes a bit of thought and planning. What bothers you when you think of green living?  What would you like to change? There are so many organizations that will gladly accept 2 or 3 hours of volunteering monthly. Get your feet wet you will meet all kinds of like minded people. You will become enlightened to how people live a green lifestyle and guess what? They are all different! Green living is not a one size fits all. This is a great source of tips for going green.

I am going to stick with these four tips. If you can get any one of these green tips down you will be well on your way to living a sustainable life. Once you start seeing the benefits you naturally reach for the next idea. Please, be kind to yourself, don’t worry if you fall of the wagon occasionally, it takes time to set a habit.

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