Summer Slowdown the Green Way How many nights do you sit out on your back porch and just watch the birds and squirrels play? You sip lemonade or something stronger depending on the kind of day you had, relaxing in the warm early summer evening. Sounds great right!

How many of us take the time to appreciate our surroundings and slow down? Unfortunately, not enough of us do. We are so busy trying to keep up with lifestyles that we created, that we are missing all the good stuff. The stuff our kids remember about us. How we would be relaxed and laugh more in the summertime. Blow bubbles with them for no reason at all. I don’t want to keep missing the good stuff.

So, l am going to do something about it. I challenge you to take the journey of a summer slowdown with me. Let’s start with not buying anything new this summer other than items we absolutely need.  Eg: You need to replace the filter in the air conditioner or screening to repair the holes on the back porch. You know what I mean. This way we will have less new things to put away or keep clean.


Next, we should try to cook double meals, what I mean by this is cook two meals at once. This way you can relax on the back porch earlier in the evening because you already cooked dinner. I suggest using a grill a lot if you own one. You might have to think a bit about ideas, for example if you cook a chicken you can make chicken soup or chicken stir fry, possibly  chicken wraps for dinner another night, saving you time and money.

After that, take a look at your daily chore schedule. If you work full time, I am sure you’re already juggling your schedule, but try and remove something from the schedule. Delegate some chores to the kids or the sitter. If you have a significant other maybe they can pick up a chore. This way you get more time to just be yourself without having to continue with chores in the evening.

Relaxation lets your mind calm down and helps you slow down and focus. Finally, pick a little something that you love to do. I love to swing in the hammock in my yard and just watch as life unfolds. You need to pay attention to yourself. For you it may mean re-rigging old fishing rods because it feels good. Maybe, swinging on a swing with someone pushing you will let go of your adult responsibilities.

There are so many ways to channel the inner you, the summer time is the perfect time to slowdown and do it! So, let’s just do it! Tell your family and friends you are taking a summer slowdown! Watch, I bet they do it to.

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