Starting with Seven in the Fall – #5

  • Get the flower beds and vegetable beds ready for the winter. Clean and fertilize. Plant any fall/winter vegetables.

  • Bring all the patio furniture in close to the house and cover or bring in the house, which is better, less wear on the outdoor furniture means less replacement. Yes, this common sense idea is green, you are saving resources with this idea.
  • Recycle any summer clothing and look into what you need for the fall and winter. Check out your local thrift stores first before you head out to the department stores.
  • Look into caulking leaks around the windows. If you don't want to caulk you can hang insulated drapes over the windows to keep out the drafts in the winter. Some people like putting up plastic wrap around the windows but that idea isn't necessarily green unless you are reusing your plastic wrap year after year.
  • Look into public transportation. Yes even in the winter. I found out that we have a bus at the end of my block which goes to the local shopping center and another bus that goes to the local High School. This way I don't have to just drive one or tow to the mall or school they can hop a bus. We are in the suburbs and this is huge for our community. Save wear and tear on your car in the winter.
  • With all the holidays coming one right after the other, using coupons to stock up can save you money and time. Make that list and double check for coupons. Plan ahead.
  • Invest in warm slippers and a comfy robe or sweatshirt for when the chill is on but we want to keep the heat as low as possible.

Looking for different ways to start living smarter and greener can be challenging if you're not used to thinking about a green lifestyle but it can be done. Keep reading up on ways to go green and some will work for you. Just start with seven in 2011 and keep going from there.


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