Getting Rid of Your Jagged Holiday Feeling with Holiday Stress Exercise

Have you started to feel that jagged edge of holiday stress? No matter how many deep breaths you take it's not enough to calm down. I have been there, in fact most of us have. The question we all face is how to de stress during the holiday season?

The ideal answer is exercise. It helps release chemicals and hormones that help us function better under stress. I know exercise is not the answer you wanted to hear but it works, it doesn't cost anything and you might find out you like how you feel after you exercise. So, no moaning about it, this isn’t complicated. There will be no rearranging the schedule so you can go sweat it out. All we are going to do is either keep up with our regular exercise routine or start a walking plan.

Nothing complex just 5 – 10 minutes minutes a day. You get this time all to yourself no one gets to ask what’s for dinner or what party are we going to. No looking for the perfect gift or trying to calm down an irritated child for the twentieth time today. Just you time. Which is what you need during stressful periods in your life, and holidays are stressful. With all the extra cooking, gift buying, not to mention all the gift wrap, a body is bound to get tense. 

What I suggest is take a look at your schedule, be realistic, you can fit in 5 or 10 minutes somewhere to walk. Can you go walk in a store while you are waiting to pick up the kids from some after school event?

Do the kids play soccer or run track where you can just walk around the field while waiting for them to finish?  

If walking for 5 or 10 minutes sounds like you are having surgery how about pulling out the old stationary bike and watching the news while you ride for 10 minutes, that’s enough to get you started and your endorphins moving.

If you have time you can do the same thing in the morning and in the evening, walk or ride. Just 10 minutes. You will start to feel better and less stressed. How about putting on the Ipod while you walk to some relaxing music?

After you have walked your 5-10 minutes that leads us to the next thing I want to talk about. Sleep. How many hours of sleep are you getting during the holiday madness? If it's under eight you are not getting enough sleep. Why not look at some helpful sleep ideas like wearing a mask so light doesn't bother you. Here a few ideas I use.

Getting a fresh nights sleep is so important when dealing with the next days stress. Your adrenal glands need time to recuperate from the days stresses. Sleep helps that process.