Greener gifts make a difference.

Are you tired of all the waste going on over the holidays? Not sure that the gifts you are giving are eco friendly or made from recycled materials.  Are you reading the back of packages looking for toxic ingredients like BPA, PVC, phthalate and lead so you can take the gift out of the kids pile.

eco friendly bird feeder wreath ornaments


The worst is when you really like something and discover that it was created with ingredients that include lead and petroleum. It's enough to make you want to stop buying gifts for Christmas.

Being aware of our environment and committing to a sustainable lifestyle can be time consuming, but this page contains an easy way to be eco conscious about gift giving. The carousels below have eco friendly gifts in different catagories. Have fun taking a look around. You can shop in one place, not waste gas, time and money, complete with cup of hot cocoa in hand and fuzzy slippers on your feet.


Your gift receiver will feel extra special knowing that you are keeping the environment in mind when purchasing his or her Christmas gift. Fair trade goods help out third world countries, so you will be helping put food on the table in a country where help is hard to come by. Besides that point Fair trade goods are hand made, excellent quality and very beautiful.

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