Green the Halls with Eco Friendly Holiday Decorating

Do you remember last years electric bill? I do, for me,  it wasn't pretty. My first tip this year, is trade in the old Holiday lights for NEW LED Lighting In Pennsylvania, Peco has already started increasing fees as of January 2011. Meaning Christmas lighting prices will be going up.

My two electric cost savings for 2011/2012 will be LED Lighting and putting up an indoor clothsline. During the holidays LED lighting will let you continue to create holiday glamour without the high cost of electricity. Lets tackle the next big decision, "the tree". Artificial or real? Every year we have the same discussion, what is greener, better for the environment and our pocketbook. In  2009  The National Christmas Tree Association's   poll  shows that consumers in the U.S. purchased 28.2 million farm-grown Christmas trees and 11.7 million artificial trees. Here are the facts about both tree creations, you decide what is greener for you and your family.

Real Tree's

  • Grown in US and Canada
  • farmed and planted between Jan- May
  • 40 – 45 million trees planted in North America in 2008 with an estimation of 446 million trees growing on tree farms supporting complex eco systems
  • 100 % biodegrable, created out of plant tissue
  • PVC free and LEAD free
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Chemicals used are not on tree, some farmers use herbicides to suppress weeds not kill them, pesticides are ground applied not tree applied.
  • trees can be recycled in various ways…see here…
  • Christmas trees are a renewable source planted every year
  • Eco friendly!..find your tree location here

Artificial Tree's

  • 85% created in China
  • factory created then packeaged and shipped to US then distributed
  • created from plastics and metals , non biodegrable
  • created including PVC and LEAD
  • not carbon neutral, plastic is a petroleum product
  • manufactured with PVC which creates dioxins which get in our water and food supply
  • not recyclable so they sit in a landfill
  • not a renewable souce
  • not eco friendly!
6.5' Pre-Lit Slim Snow Flocked Layered Utica Christmas Tree - Clear LED Lights 7' Pre-Lit LED Canadian Pine Artificial Christmas Tree Clear Candlelight Lights   7' pre lit shawnee alpine style tree

The cheapest and greenest tree idea is to decorate a live tree outside. The next would be to fashion a tree out of materials on hand. So figuring out what is greener depends on the multi factors you take into consideration.

Lets move on to decorating the tree, plastic petroleum balls and ornaments are not an eco friendly choice.  We may have some sitting in a box, but they can't be recycled, they may be reused or re purposed. Think about different ways you can reuse your older ornament when you are tempted to throw them away. Better yet, if you know someone just starting out wrap them up in a pretty reuseable bag and gift them.

Oranges and Browns are the trend for 2011. Mix and match with the ornaments you have collected over the years. If you are going to purchase some new decorations,  glass balls and ornaments made out of natural or sustainable materials are the eco way to go. Creating your own garland out of popcorn and cranberries is still eco friendly.

coffee glass ornaments shiny black big balls silver glass ball ornaments orange glass ornaments

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