Cards for Less send Green Christmas Cards

One decision we need to make every year is cards or no cards. If you are trying to go green and are concerned about the environment it may seem like an easy call. No cards. If you approach it from an emotional point of view its not so simple. Traditions may feel like part of the family. How do you let go of family?

Lets take a look at some alternatives to card giving.

First one is the easist, start by trimming your list. Does every coworker need a card? How about your immediate friends that you see everyday? Just say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Make a goal for yourself, trim this years list by 25%. Next year do the same. Sooner then later you won't be sending out so many cards. Trees will love you, lakes and streams will be cleaner because of your one decision.

Second choice, you can choose to purchase only recycled cards. Many varieties are available around the holidays. Double check the packaging and you will see many made out of recycled materials. Obviously, 100% recycled is prefered over 50%.

Third, you can reuse old christmas cards and make them into holiday postcards.  This is a great option, you are reusing and repurposing an old item. In addition you get the added benefit of lower postage. Plus kids love to help with this one.

Finally  e-card sites have cropped up everywhere online. You can go online and find e-card websites for free or e-card sites that charge for a larger group of e-cards. This option is a wonderfully green option. Today's lifestyle puts us near computers constantly so its convenient to send e-cards and convenient to pick up email.

You don't have to worry about misplacing the address book or stamps. If you have chosen the No card option, you might want to call your friends and family that have sent you a Holiday card. Thank them for the Christmas card and explain you are going green. Maybe they will think about eco friendly choices since you are. That is one way to promote awareness.

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