Seasonal: Celebrate Green

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Days are getting crispier, nights are getting colder. You can't help but think of the holidays ahead. Eggnog, apple cider, homemade pumpkin pie, conversations around the table, gifts to buy, presents to wrap, excited children and family. All this, while celebrating green!

Now, does thinking about that make you exhausted or invigorated? Doing it  green during the holidays can be stressful. Constraints on time, resources and products can make our days chaotic and less cheerful. Especially when you have a set of green standards that you're incorporating into your celebration. Let's see what we can do to alleviate  stress by giving you easy ideas and quick tips on how to stay green during the holidays.

Just remember, that holidays are supposed to be fun for everyone including the organizer. Taking care of yourself, exercising and eating right, are crucial to feeling your best when stress is sitting on your shoulders. It's very tempting to put needs of others before your own, but now is the time to be about taking care of you. Without you your friends and family would be missing the fun. Here are some fast and easy Green Gift ideas.


Get out there and Celebrate Green!

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