How many times have you walked out the door with zero reusable bags in your hand?

You’re standing at the cash register and the cashier asks you if you have brought your reusable bags?

reusable bags

You say to yourself next time I’ll bring that bag with me. Then the cycle continues to repeat. You feel bad, then say next time and it never happens.  

Here are the tricks…

The secret to using reusable bags is repetition. Having a convienient bag on you at all times enables you to consistently use  reuseable bags over and over. Also, if you don’t bring your bags, put your items back in your cart and put them in your car one at a time. Doing that once or twice will gently help you remember your reuseable bags. It really is that simple.
Purchasing a reusable bag will help, first because you paid for it, second you picked out something you like. Knowing you are saving trees and other resources can help in this process. Doing something good will make you feel good.
What are your interests do you like sports teams, flowers, bold geometric patterns, nature scenes or a simple soothing color? Whatever pattern you are into, its out there! Reusable bags come in nylon pocket size, constructed burlap styling, recycled plastic bottles made into a bag or rolled up like a retro rain hat.
We also have reusable lunch bags created for kids, teens and adults. Paper sack style, handbag styling, or regular old fashioned luch box. Whatever style of recycled bags you are looking for the market has them. Are you looking for BPA free or plain cloth or nylon?  How are you doing your part to save resources and money? Again,it really is this simple.
If you are the creative type, make your own. Use whatever you have around the house or purchase fabric remnents at the local thrift store. You can make the sack bag or a structured bag. Look online for a pattern or go to the fabric store and purchase a reusable bag pattern. You will find lunch box patterns in with the reusable bag patterns. You have so many options with this so I say just go for it!

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