Natural Baby: Do You Buy the Best Cloth Baby Diapers or Nappie?


Organic cloth diapers are a excellent choice for your baby. Diapers are made out of cotton grown without pesticides or herbicides following the USDA Organic certifications. The era of vinyl diaper covers is OVER! We now put soft snuggly diaper covers over pre-folded or all in one diapers. Wool covers are also popular, letting your baby stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter with no leaking.That is a blessing in disguise. 

Modern cloth diapers have a wicking liner to help keep your baby as dry as possible. There is no need to worry about pins, you don't need them. Washable Velcro or snaps are used to secure diapers in place. Some diaper covers are even pull ons.  All cloth diaper accessories are made with you and your baby's comfort in mind.


If you deal with an infants diaper rash or a baby's red bottom and are awake more nights rocking a crying fussy baby then sleeping, please think about cloth diapers. Getting a good nights sleep is beneficial to you and your baby. Keeping your baby's bottom dry as long as possible and non irritated will help you get more sleep. Use them during the day just to try them out. Use them when you are at home hanging around.


If you spoke to your doctor and all he does is give you one more messy cream to try and apply on a kicking crying baby, take the time to read up on cloth nappies. You will see that the air circulating around your babies skin feels so much better and your baby's bottom isn't as red and irritated.

If you're concerned about chemicals against your newborns skin? Did you know that cloth baby diapers are better then disposable baby diapers? Babies are in diapers 24/7. What kind of diaper do you want your baby wearing?

Disposable Baby Diapers

The EPA states it takes 450 years for a single use paper baby diaper to disintegrate in the ocean and 500 years to disintegrate in a landfill. It has been suggested that disposable baby diapers created out of wood pulp, plastics and salt polymers can cause allergies and diaper rash in children.

Diapers are held together with a hot melt adhesive that can be sprayed on and an elastic hot melt adhesive is used to help the integrity of the diaper when it gets wet. The diaper is held onto your baby with tape adhered to each side of the diaper letting you snug it up as tight or as loose as you need.

Some but not all disposables have a fragrance or essential oil mixed into the materials to help cut the smells of a dirty diaper. Paper diapers require less maintenance and care but are not great for our environment. Thankfully you have choices and can alternate between both.


Organic white prefolded diapers

Details Gerber Prefold 3-Ply Cloth Diaper

Details for Kushies Pre-fold Diapers     Kushies washable all in one diaper

Thirsties black bird diaper cover

Details on Thirsties Blackbird Diaper Cover

The typical child goes through a ton of diapers till they are potty trained. It's important to look at all the facts before you just follow the crowd and pick your diaper. Pollution from manufacturing paper diapers is a serious problem that we leave for our children to deal with.

On the flip side washing and delivering cloth diapers form a diaper service contributes to pollution as well. The bottom line is there is no one size fits all on the diaper issue. You have to look at your families needs and make the best decision with the information you have.

Terry cloth baby diapers or nappies known for high absorbency can be regarded as a the greener gentle alternative, but they do use considerable amounts of electricity and water for washing and drying. As concerned eco friendly parent's we can choose the best cloth baby diapers that help our baby's bottom feel great and help our environment feel good. 

Kushies, Kissaluvs, Happy Heiny's, Bumm's, Swaddlebees, Monkey Doodlez and Knickernappies are a few brands that help make our baby's bottom feel great.