National Public Garden Day Care Is Important.national public garden day

The 4th Annual National Public Gardens Day is coming up! May 11, 2012 is National Public Garden Day 2012–that special day set aside for the appreciation of North America's public gardens and green spaces. This year, more communities than ever across North America are sponsoring events that highlight the need for environmental awareness and green space conservation.

National Public Garden Day 2012 is a chance for every community in America to show their efforts in land stewardship and public garden involvement. National Public Garden Day was started in 2009 by the American Public Gardens Association in partnership with the RainBird Company. This special day, was set aside to bring the public into awareness of the importance of green spaces, plant and water conservation, home gardening practices and sustainable living techniques.

In the few short years that this day has been celebrated, National Public Garden Day beds have sprouted all over the country and are serving as learning environments for children and adults. National Public Garden Day Beds also serve as community reminders that to have a green future, we must all become stewards of our environment.

gardening by the yardNational Public Garden Day is growing in popularity and has been recognized by organizations and governments at all levels. These include the states of California and Florida and the United States Congress itself. NPGD is also gaining widespread exposure because of its distinguished representative Paul James. Paul James is the host of HGTV's "Gardening By the Yard" and is making a world of difference in bringing awareness of NPGD to the public. His efforts are keeping our neighborhoods green.
There are many mainstream commercial and media organizations jumping onto the NPGD bandwagon. Better Homes and Gardens, this year, is offering a voucher for free admission for groups up to 10 people to their local public botanic garden. These vouchers can be found by logging onto and downloading a quick pdf voucher file.

National Public Garden Day Care Opportunities.

One event that is worth highlighting this year for NPGD is the free admission the Idaho Botanical Gardens is offering for National Public Garden Day 2012. Idaho has more wilderness area than any other state and is known for residential areas that integrate green space and promote land stewardship. The Idaho Botanical Gardens are located on Penitentiary Road in Boise, Id and maintains a world class green facility.

Also here is a listing for Pennsylvania National Public Garden Free Admissions

Bartrams Garden
Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve
Goodell Gardens & Homestead
Morris Arboretum of the University
of Pennsylvania
Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
Shofuso Japanese House and Garden
The Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College
Tyler Arboretum

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