Summer is here! Time for restocking of beach chairs, beach towels, sunscreen, bug sprays, skin lotions and don't forget the trying on of new bathing suits. Many of these products are undergoing significant government testing for toxic ingredients.

I'd like to talk about the top five toxic chemicals. Sanjay Gupta, MD.,  presented an investigative report called "toxic america". The highlights of this show were 5 chemicals linked to a host of ailments including cancer, sexual problems, and behavorial issues. All five chemicals are in your home, school and workplace. You are in contact with them on a regular basis in plastic furniture, storage containers, food wrap, cans, cookware, appliances, carpets, shower curtains, clothes, personal care products, tv sets. Basically every room in every house in the US contains at least one of these toxic chemicals.

Many of these chemicals were created in the last 100 years. The list: BPA – Bisphenol A Phthalates PFOA – Perfluorooctanoic acid (also called C8) Formaldehyde PBDES – Ploybrominated diethyl ethers As a parent it concerns me when my everyday products have such toxic ingredients. If you have any ideas or suggestions let em rip right here! source: