Fling off Winter Frost

7 Steps to Sustainable Spring

Green guide tips

From clothing to composting you will find what you can do to help you and your family go green this spring. 1. Exploring farmers markets in the spring is a great place to find flower bed plantings as well as your garden varieties. You will purchase local plants that are hardened to local elements.  Be sure to purchase a few indoor plants to use as air filters in the house.  If you go early you get the freshest produce and plants, if you go late you may get a better deal.  Ask the vendors at your farmers market for their advice on the plants growing conditions. They sell plants for a living so you may find out some great gardening advice. 2. Composting is an important part of green gardening. In the spring it’s time to spread the compost. You are going to need to till your garden soil or flower bed. Flower beds probably will require manual turning over.  Also, clean up leaves around the yard not forgetting  the corners where fences connect and the gutters. If you have a rain barrel clean it out and set it up for the spring rain under your gutter spout.

3. Changing out cosmetics and skin care products in the spring will help your skin. Every season our skin changes due to the elements.  Looking into green beauty products helps your skin feel it’s best by using natural or organic ingredients. Specifically, change out your cleanser for one that will absorb oil in the warmer weather, a toner to go with the cleanser and a moisturizer with an SPF formulated for the spring/summer. Mascara, eyeliners and lip glosses should be tossed after 4 months and new spring tones can be purchased. Older cosmetics breed bacteria. Eye cosmetics should be tossed regularly to prevent eye infection.

4. Design your garden. Get out the paper, pencils and ruler. You can also go to the computer. Draw out where you want the beans, tomatoes, bell peppers etc. Be prepared when the ground is ready.

5. Yard sales are a perfect activity for the spring. Open the windows and doors out with the winter in with the spring. After you have cleaned up your outside space you might want to run through the inside space. De-clutter and have a yard sale. You will benefit the community by offering your used items for a redused price. You will have cleaned out your home and put a little bit of green in your pocket.

6. Clothing swap's can be a fun alternative to a yard sale. Enjoy an afternoon of conversation, coffee and swapping clothes with friends. Don't forget the accesories 7. Make a list of all the outside repairs you will need to make after the last  winter weather. Go online to craigslist.com or freecycle.com look for materials you will need ahead of time. This way you will save resources and money.

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