5 ways to save green and save money

  1. Reuse bags at grocery store …they pay you to do this! Bring your own from home or bring back the stores bags.
  2. Hang up one load of laundry a week. Start small (shirts on hangers work well) then work yourself up to the maximum loads you can handle. Recruit the family!
  3. Purchase a reusable coffee filter. I did, saves me money and time. I ALWAYS have a filter when I need one.
  4. Combine car trips- take a few seconds think of where you have to go then plan a combo trip save your gas money.
  5. Use your leftovers – have a leftover night empty that fridge save money and time not cooking.

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5 more ways to save money

  1.  Perform fall/winter maintenace on heaters. Change out used filters, wash old filters, have yearly maintenace checks done. (it pays in the long run)
  2. Adjust auto tire pressure to reflect different outside temperature , change oil  and air filter.
  3. Adjust hot water heater to a lower temperature.
  4. Put in a hand held showerhead with a stop toggle switch. (Wet yourself with water, wash, rinse) Practice the 2 minute shower. (anyone with small children already knows how to do this) 
  5. Cook a double meal and just reheat the next night.