Comparing Electric Companies to One Another

Who knew we would be talking electricity like we are? I thought electricity was all the same. Now we come to find out it's not all the same, some is coal created, hydro created, wind created and solar created. Enough creations to make your mind spin.

I keep getting asked what electric company are you going with? What electric companies have you compared? Do you have a preference on how your electricity is created? All I know is when I flip an electric switch, I want electricity, I want my lights to turn on. Where the electricity comes from is secondary.

Now,  fast forward to me writing this article. I have had some electricity awareness. I personally think that no matter which method you choose to create electricity, you create some sort of toxic something. Nothing is clean, but the fact of the matter is we need power.

So, what are Americans going to do? We have deregulated electricity and every electric company is touting better prices better service and cleaner services just for us. As we are reading all the materials put before us, please make sure you whip out your magnifying glass and read the fine print! Ask questions. Don't just change your service to change. If you start looking to compare electric companies here's some criteria the companies should meet.

Pricing Should Be Simple and Clear:  When you look at your energy bill, you know it can be complicated and difficult to understand. What all those calculations and numbers mean can be beyond a simple glance and once over read.

One easy way to learn how to save, is learn how your energy usage is calculated. Your energy use is billed at a rate per kilowatt hour (kWh), when you start to compare companies you need to know what you’re being charged per kWh. A question you should ask is if the rate is variable or fixed.

To help you understand, if your home uses 2000 kWh/month and your rate is 11 cents per kWh, your bill would be $220 per month (plus taxes and other fees). It does become important to understand and know how many kWh per month you’re using up. This way you can look for simple ways to save or look into switching energy supplier that charge less.

Flexible Billing Plans: Looking for a company that offers a form of budget billing can help your finances, especially if you are on a fixed income. Most Pennsylvania electric companies offer a form of flexible billing that allows you to save money.

PUC Licensed: One other item to look for, is a license.  Pennsylvania electric companies are licensed by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC). If they don't hold a license, move on to another company, don't do business with them.

You can call your energy provider and ask if they have different rates. You can take advantage of the different offers major electric companies are putting in place. Whatever you choose to do, comparing electric companies to one another isn't a bad thing. It will help you understand the way electricity is measured and billed out to your home or business establishment.  

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