How Do We Help our Pets Have a Greener Lifestyle?

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Green Tips:

Use pet shampoo and grooming products that are phosphate-free to help keep our water clean.

Dogs should be bathed every month to remove accumulated toxins that can make them more susceptible to disease.

Dog skin Ph is different then human skin ph so choose a mild organic dog soap.

  • Picking up a pet from the local pound would be a good idea this helps our environment as well as keeping the cost down.
  • Spaying or neutering your new pet is important, this way you can contribute to the reduction of the homeless pet problem.
  • Picking up the poo, something we don’t like but need to do. If you don’t have extra bags lying around to reuse(1st choice) then bio-degradeable bags of course.
  • Keep pet toys clean and made in a country that has good regulatory controls. Many companies today create pet toys out of recycled materials.

Other ways to help you pet with a greener lifestyle is to make sure you exercise with your dog regularly, what i mean by this is a dog needs walking and not just 5 minutes around the block.

Dogs need at least a half hour walk twice a day. This helps the dog evacuate his bowels consistently.You will have less accidents that way.

Cats need to have regular exercise as well. Use the internet or library to research how much exercise your pet needs on a daily basis.

pet accessoriesThis way you can schedule yourself around that, maybe get some exercise for yourself in to.

Make sure the bowls you feed you animals in are clean and not plastic, which can leach chemicals into the food. Most vets prefer using a stainless steel feeding bowl.

Your pet accessories such as leashes, collars, clothes, and bedding can be organic or as natural as possible.

This way you are supporting the decision of living a green lifestyle and passing that on to your animals.

If you don't want to buy organics or think about natural accessories then think about purchasing from a second hand store or using Craigslist.