By Kathy Bampfield

Do you shake your head when you hear people say it's so easy to live a green lifestyle? What is a green lifestyle? Green living has become a topic of extreme interest.

easy ways to go green

Personal opinions given to anyone who will listen. Heated discussions over someone's personal choice. What are they all talking about? Green living is about noticing your natural surroundings and trying to have as little impact on them as possible.

That being said, now begs the question what are some easy ways to go green? Easy ways to going green come in all different shapes and sizes. This is not a one size fits all.

Let us start with utilities. Some say that is the easiest place to start. Cut back on your heat by lowering your house thermostat just one degree. Lower your hot water heater by adjusting the temperature to 120 degrees and wrap your heater in a hot water blanket helping to save energy.

Hang up clothes instead of using a dryer. Save water by shutting it off when you brush your teeth.

Make sure the dishwasher and washing machine have full loads before you run them.

Collect rainwater to use in your garden and flower beds.

Save money by buying food in bulk or at local farmers market. You will cut down on transportation costs.

You can think up some of your own ideas that are specific to your families needs.

Riding a bicycle to do local errands.

Creating a garden to save on fresh vegetables in the summer. Joining a food co-op.

If you need to do some redecorating use eco-friendly products such as paint and caulking. Most Home Depots carry an eco-friendly line of home improvement items.

When you purchase new items for your home you can look into energy star products.

Many furniture companies also sell sustainable furniture lines, meaning low voc paint or varnish. Also, the wood is harvested in an eco- friendly manner.

Your kitchen always can address green living ideas. Pots and pans can be cast iron or stainless. Get rid of Teflon, it's been suggested that Teflon flakes off after a certain amount of use, therefore you are eating the Teflon.

Cuisanart does have a green living line. Purchasing organic food and non BPA plastic ware is a positive step towards greening up. Both are easy to find.

The last idea is to look into which personal products you are using. How about other hair products, dental products etc…that can be more eco-friendly or made in the USA, keeping the transportation costs low. It's been widely accepted that using natural products is a healthier alternative.

These are a few easy ways to go green. As you start looking into eco-friendly products you will find more and more ideas that you like and want to implement in your home or lifestyle. Kathy Bampfield is editor of Green Guide Tips. A community website dedicated to helping people live a greener lifestyle one small step at a time….

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