Back to school is the perfect time to discuss “going green” in school and reinforce “being green” at home.

Kids already know there are many ways to help our environment, sometimes  everyday life can dilute the message, so Back to School is the opportune time to review:

Ways to help our environment:

  • Conserve water, such as turning off the water when brushing teeth. Use a cute egg timer. Make it a race.

  • Use reusable containers at lunch time or on field trips and make sure to pick up any trash after.

  • Combine Back to school trips, new shoes, pick up milk, new backpack, gas up the car.

  • Purchase as many supplies as you can from recycled materials. Create a back to school treasure hunt.

  • Double check lights are off when we leave the room.

  • Explain the 7 “R”‘s:

  • Recycle: make trash into new products

  • Reduse: decrease amount of purchases and trash thrown away.

  • Refuse: decrease amount of waste by not buying items with extra packaging.

  • Repurpose: reuse an item for things not intended for its original purpose.

  • Research: learn about environmentally friendly products.

  • Respond: share with others what you have learned about helping the environment.

  • Reuse: find new uses for things instead of throwing them away.

Look for recycled Back to School supplies at and


 Do you need more ideas on helping your kids go green?  

  • Composting
  • Baby Bottle Sterilizers
  • Bed Bugs

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