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Beat Bacteria with Baby Bottle Sterilizers

I’ll be honest. I have not used a baby bottle sterilizer. Not because I didn’t want to or don’t believe in them but I didn’t know they existed. In my defense I had twins and all I focused on was how quickly I could  put bottles together. For me, Playtex Nursers with drop inserts worked very well.  I used small ones and large ones. The ease of use was wonderful.  Line them up, drop in the inserts, fill them up, screw on nipples and lids then put them in the refrigerator. I did boil nipples and pacifiers in a little pot when they were infants. No, there was never a bottle left at the end of the day.

When I saw one of the baby bottle sterilizers I was curious. Why buy this contraption? Isn’t soap and hot water good enough? I asked my mom and she did use a baby bottle sterilizer when I was an infant.  In 1965 that was what was available. She didn’t have a dishwasher to clean baby bottles. So again, I ask myself why have this equipment in the kitchen? I did a little more digging.

This is what I came up with. You may have an infant that is premature or has health issues and you want to be positive that all bacteria and germs are killed. This is an excellent reason for utilizing a baby bottle sterilizer. Your pediatrician may agree and suggest this type of cleaning.  In addition, an infant’s immune system is especially vulnerable until after one year. Thrush and gastrointestinal upsets from a contaminated bottle can be avoided with proper baby bottle sterilization. It isn’t possible to protect your baby from all illnesses but you can prevent bacteria growth in a baby bottle.

With the concern about BPA contaminating plastic baby bottles, glass bottles have become popular again. Companys have been creating so many different glass bottle types that your choices are as wide as plastic. Glass should be sterilized, you can have soap residue left after washings, not very healthy for infants. Sterilized glass is also easy with a baby bottle sterilizer you put nipples, rings and bottles all in the same place and have them disinfected. You don’t have to run a separate dishwasher load, using a lot more electricity and water to clean the bottles therefore increasing your cost of having the baby. Sterilizing baby bottles is important if you are preparing bottles ahead of time.  The longer baby formula is left sitting out the greater chance it can breed bacteria. In a sterilized bottle you reduce your chances of contamination. Make sure after you’ve filled your bottles you keep them in the refrigerator until you use them.

Using the baby bottle sterilizer specifically made for your baby bottle will maximize the sterilization process. If there isn’t a sterilizer made for your type of baby bottle may I suggest the microwave steam sterilizer. They have become popular.

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