When was Green Guide Tips created?  

February of 2010  

Where is Green Guide Tips located?  

Pennsylvania, Northeast, USA  

What does Green certification mean?  

Green certifications are giving by our government to organizations that meet the certifications criteria.  Below are the most common:  

- Green Seal sets product standards and awards its label to a wide variety of products.    
- Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Electricity: Certified by Scientific Certification Systems - Buildings: The U.S. Green Building Council LEED Green Building Rating System
- Chlorine Free Products: Certified by the Chlorine Free Products Association
- Energy Efficient Products: Certified by the U.S. Government’s ENERGY STAR Program
- Organic Produce: Certified by the USDA National Organic Program
- Renewable Energy: Certified by the Green-e Certification Program
- Wood Products: Criteria set by Forest Stewardship Council; Certified by Scientific Certification Systems and Smartwood

 Does Green Guide Tips take donations?  

Yes, just click on the Donate  button on the home page.   

How will small steps help me go green?  

Small steps are created to form habits and habits become your lifestyle.  

 Is it ok to link with Green Guide Tips?  

Yes send an email to  kathy@greenguidetips.com with your webpage and if we are compatible, you’ll be put on our respected links page.  

Can I advertise on Green Guide Tips?  

Yes, send an email to kathy@greenguidetips.com with your information and someone will get back to you.